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Our Beers

Unique Styles of Beer
From one of America’s Most Celebrated Breweries!

BURTON LABELBurton India Pale Ale | 4.6% ABV

This English Pale Ale is modeled after a style of ale that comes from the famous English brewing city of Burton-on-Trent. We add minerals to the Southampton water to make it identical to the water in Burton-on-Trent, notably a fair amount of calcium. The high mineral content has the effect of adding a dryness of flavor to the brew as well as a fullness of body. It has a light/medium malt flavor and a refreshing fruitiness (notes of “peach” and “apricot”), the hop character is also restrained compared to other traditional English styles such as IPA. Share

Keller Pils | 5.0% ABV

Visit an Old World lager brewery and the brewmaster will insist that you enjoy a "Keller" beer direct from the aging tank. To a brewer this is beer at its purest: unfiltered, nuanced and gently carbonated. Share

Southampton Double White | 6.6% ABV

This is a truly special brew and a Southampton original. It is a “double strength” or “double gravity” version of a classic Belgian-style white ale. White Ales (or Witbiers) are called white because their light color and cloudy appearance make them appear almost white. They are unfiltered wheat-based brews with a unique citrus and spice character that comes from the use of orange peel and ground coriander seed in the brewing process. Southampton Double White honors the original Belgian white ale style, but it has a little more of everything— more complex orangey/citrusy fruitiness, a slightly fuller body, more alcohol and a more satisfying finish. It’s delicate, balanced and every bit as refreshing as the original style, but more intense. Share

Montauk Light | 3.5% ABV

A light bodied but full-flavored lager beer for those who prefer a lower calorie brew (about 100 calories per glass). An easy drinking light beer. Share

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